• Terraflex Play Chippings Vs Wooden Chippings

    Terraflex Play Chippings Vs Wooden Chippings

    16 January 2021 Getting the right surface for your children’s outdoor play area is important. It can have a big impact on: the visual appeal of the play area, how often it is used, the cleanliness of the play area, your child’s safety! Terraflex rubber play chippings are a cost effective, low maintenance solution that will offer a wide range of benefits compared to regular wood chippings often used in outdoor play areas. Firstly, our Terraflex play chippings have been certified to meet ROS
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  • Terraflex Garden Chippings Vs Wooden Garden Mulch

    Terraflex Garden Chippings Vs Wooden Garden Mulch

    19 December 2020 Using rubber chippings in the garden is a relatively new concept but one that has skyrocketed in popularity over the last couple of years because of the many benefits they offer compared to regular wooden chippings or mulch. One of the main problems with wooden chippings or mulch is that they will begin to rot and decompose after only a short time. They will require ongoing maintenance and may even need annual top-ups adding to the overall workload and cost. Our Terraflex rubber garden chippin
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  • What makes Terraflex different from our competitors?

    What makes Terraflex different from our competitors?

    2 November 2020 Terraflex are proud to be one of very few actual manufacturers of rubber chipping in the UK or Ireland which gives us full control over our products, from supply to quality and pricing. For our customers this means we can guarantee top quality products at a competitive price, delivered on time. We are confident that we have the best rubber chippings on the market. Our manufacture process is different than any other provider in the UK or Ireland because of our advanced colouring process. Unlike
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  • New Website Launched

    New Website Launched

    24 July 2019 We've recently launched our new website. We’ve been involved in tyre recycling for many years and one of the reasons Terraflex high quality rubber chippings are so popular is the care and attention we put into producing them. Every Terraflex rubber chip comes from our own purpose-built shredding and refining plant. This means they emerge in a consistent size range (10-30mm), evenly coloured (where appropriate) and wire free. Contact us today on 028 2582 2066, or email sales@terraflex
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