Plant Pot Toppers

Terraflex Plant Pot Toppers

Our range of coloured Plant Pot Toppers are a fantastic way to add extra style to both indoor and outdoor potted plants. 

The non-absorbent, permeable nature of the Plant Pot Toppers allows water and rainfall to pass through unobstructed. Toppers also discourage evaporation allowing moisture to be retained within the soil which inhibit the soil drying out.

The thermal regulating properties of rubber help to stabilise the plants and offer protection against both hot and cold temperatures.

Our Plant Pot Toppers are also a very effective and humane solution to deterring pests and have been proven to discourage slugs, snails and other pests from damaging your plants.

As we manufacture Terraflex Plant Pot Toppers using 100% recycled rubber, they are a sustainable and eco-friendly product.

Benefits of Terraflex Plant Pot Toppers include:

  • Available In A Range Of Beautiful Colours.
  • Allows Water To Pass Through Unobstructed
  • Encourages Moisture Retention
  • Protection Against Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Effective Pest Deterrent
  • Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Solution


At Terraflex we are a leading manufacturer of rubber-based products and surfaces in Ireland and the UK. We have the production capability to meet large quantity orders in a short time frame.

Please contact our office to place an order or for further information.

Main constituent: 100% Recycled Rubber Chippings
Origin: UK
Nominal Particle size: 3mm - 5mm
Wood Content: N/A
Dust and Fines: N/A
Quality Range: Domestic and Contract
Critical Fall Height: N/A
Purity: Pure
Moisture content: N/A
Bulk density: 420kg per cubic metre
Fire Testing: N/A
Colour: Brown, Blue, Green, Purple, Slate, Terracotta

Terraflex Plant Pot Toppers are ideal for adding style to potted plants both indoors and outdoors.

Installation is easy. Simply pour the desired volume of chippings into the top of your plant pot and level by hand.  


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