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Rubber Chippings for Play Areas

Terraflex rubber chippings for children’s play areas

A safer play surface means more peace of mind

Spills and falls are inevitable in children’s play areas, so make sure to give them a soft, spongy landing with a cushioning rubber infill from Terraflex. Our bright, colourful rubber chippings are fully ROSPA approved and meet the highest safety standards. But as well as keeping youngsters safe, Terraflex rubber chippings are attractive, easy to maintain and considerably more hygienic than ordinary wood-based mulches. And with a lifespan of many years, they’ll last longer, with no need for annual top-ups. What’s not to like!

And there’s more. In addition to their exceptional cushioning qualities, Terraflex rubber chippings are non-absorbent, so rain water to passes straight through. This means no more muddy puddles, or slippery mulch. Instead your children will stay cleaner and their clothes remain stain-free. What is more, Terraflex is completely inert so it will not rot down like wood mulch and doesn’t need topped up.

Most important of all, Terraflex provides a safe surface for children’s play areas and is ROSPA approved for the following Critical Fall Heights:

75mm Depth: 1.5m Critical Fall Height

100mm Depth: 3m Critical Fall Height

All of this means that with Terraflex rubber chippings you get an incredibly safe, durable and long-lasting surface that will guarantee a soft, spongy landing for your young ones, year after year.

What’s the recipe for Terraflex rubber chippings?

Here are the essential ingredients we use to make Terraflex rubber chippings.

  • Take around 150,000 high quality recycled car tyres.
  • Shred each one carefully into evenly-sized pieces at our  UK processing plant.
  • Sieve, sort and magnetise every piece to remove unwanted wire and fabric.
  • Mix thoroughly with one of our attractive and non-toxic colouring agents - brown, blue, green, purple, slate and terracotta.
  • Bake at a moderate heat for approximately 20 minutes.

This produces an economical and versatile synthetic surface for children’s play arenas, manufactured to strictly controlled quality standards, offering enhanced levels of safety, hygiene and longevity.

More good reasons to choose Terraflex:

  • Terraflex provides a safe, clean and inert play surface for children
  • Excellent shock absorbance: made to ROSPA standards, excellent child safety
  • Easy on the eye: comes in a range of bright, attractive and non-toxic colours
  • Perennially attractive: retains its colour and looks good, year after year
  • Virtually weatherproof: withstands extreme weather, including wind, storms and frost
  • No nasty surprises: cats and dogs give Terraflex rubber chippings a wide berth!
  • Easy to install: simply pour to the required depth and level.
Main constituent: Recycled car tyres
Origin: UK
Nominal Particle size: 10mm - 30mm Approx
Wood Content: N/A
Dust and Fines: N/A
Quality Range: Domestic and Contract
Critical Fall Height: 1.5m CFH @ 75mm > 3m CFH 100mm Depth
Purity: Pure
Moisture content: N/A
Bulk density: 420kg per cubic metre
Fire Testing: N/A
Colours: Brown, blue, green, purple, slate, terracotta


To dress garden play areas.

BSEN 1176-1: 2017

BSEN 1177: 2018

Installing Terraflex rubber chippings is easy. If installing Terraflex on top of an existing wooden mulch, remove any excess mulch and large pieces from your play area and rake it out to provide a level surface. Terraflex can also be applied directly onto grass or soil (although a membrane substrate is preferable), crushed aggregate or concrete.

Our 75mm recommendation is the most popular rubber mulch depth for playground surfaces and meets the safety requirements for fall heights up to 1.5 metres. We suggest up to 100mm depth around play items such as swings and slides with fall heights up to 3 metres.

Critical Fall Height:

75mm depth: 1.5 metres critical fall height

100mm depth: 3 metres critical fall height

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  • Do the chippings require much maintenance?

    No, once they are laid, very little maintenance is needed. The rubber will not decompose, compress or blow away. Dead leaves and other garden debris can be removed with a hand held blower without dislodging the chippings.

  • I’m concerned about the safety of rubber chippings in contact with children

    There’s no need for concern. Terraflex rubber chippings are completely inert and non toxic. It’s perfect for any play areas with muddy areas that are slippery and unsafe in wet weather.

  • Cost is a factor. I’m tempted to go for cheaper wood chippings.

    Yes, there is a marginal price differential for rubber chippings versus wood mulch. But wood mulch will need to to be replaced every year, whereas Terraflex rubber chippings will last several years. Factor in time and hassle, and Terraflex very soon becomes the more cost-effective option.

    What’s more, we can advise you on the best way to achieve the surface you want as cost effectively as possible, using the optimum blend of our products. To find out more, Contact us today.

  • How much Terraflex rubber chippings do I need?

    We recommend laying Terraflex to a depth of 75mm. This will give sufficient protection for a fall of up to about 1.5 metres. We also recommend that at least 100mm for sufficient protection for a fall of up to 3 metres or around busy areas, such as play equipment, to ensure sufficient depth is maintained.

    For specific details on installing Terraflex rubber chippings and to find out critical fall heights and volumes required for your play area, download our fact sheet here.