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Rubber Chippings for Play Areas

Terraflex Rubber Play Chippings for children’s play areas and playgrounds

Our Terraflex Rubber Play Chippings are an ideal solution for playgrounds and children's play areas, offering a safer, cleaner and longer-lasting surface that your children will love!

Our rubber play chippings are the perfect choice for all outdoor play areas helping you to create a more exciting, longer-lasting, and safer play area. 

Here are some of the many benefits of using Terraflex in a children's play area:

  • Safe, Spongy Surface to Cushion Falls.
  • ROSPA Approved and Fully Safety Accredited.
  • Low Maintenance & Long Lasting.
  • Non Absorbent & Quick Drying.
  • Visually Appealing.
  • Range of Exciting Colours Available.
  • Safe & Non Toxic.
  • Colours Will Not Fade Or Transfer.
  • Proven To Discourage Pet Deposits.

These many benefits make Terraflex Rubber Play Chippings a much better solution for children's play areas than wooden mulch, wooden chippings, coloured playbark or loose stone!

As a leading manufacturer of rubber surfaces in Ireland or UK, our customers can expect top quality products at highly competitive prices and quicker delivery times. 

Our expected delivery times are currently:

  • Northern Ireland & Republic of Ireland: 2 - 3 Working Days
  • England, Scotland & Wales: 1 - 2 Weeks

We are proud to produce a top-quality product using end-of-life vehicle tyres. Our advanced manufacture process ensures that wire is removed effectively and we can confirm that our chippings are at least 99% wire free. However we advise that children do not play on the surface in bare feet just incase any wire has slipped through undetected.

If you would like any further information about Terraflex and our Rubber Play Chippings, please get in touch.

Main constituent: Recycled car tyres
Origin: UK
Nominal Particle size: 10mm - 30mm Approx
Wood Content: N/A
Dust and Fines: N/A
Quality Range: Domestic and Contract
Critical Fall Height: 1.5m CFH @ 75mm > 3m CFH 100mm Depth
Purity: Pure
Moisture content: N/A
Bulk density: 420kg per cubic metre
Fire Testing: N/A
Colours: Brown, blue, green, purple, slate, terracotta


Terraflex Play Chippings are an ideal solution for all children’s playgrounds and play areas offering enhanced levels of safety, hygiene, longevity and fun!

Our Terraflex Play Chippings are ROSPA approved and fully safety certified:

  • BSEN 1176-1: 2017
  • BSEN 1177: 2018

Installing Terraflex Play Chippings is easy!

Simply pour the chippings onto any hard surface and rake to provide a level playing surface. 

Terraflex Play Chippings can be installed on top of grass, soil, concrete or existing mulch or aggregate. Simply remove any excess of the existing surface and remove any large pieces before adding the chippings on top. 

We also recommend using a boarder to keep our chippings contained and using a membrane substrate underneath. 

(Unfortunately Terraflex do not offer an installation service ourselves).


  • Do the chippings require much maintenance?

    No, once they are laid, very little maintenance is needed. The rubber will not decompose, compress or blow away. Dead leaves and other garden debris can be removed with a hand held blower without dislodging the chippings.

  • I’m concerned about the safety of rubber chippings in contact with children

    There’s no need for concern. Terraflex rubber chippings are completely inert and non toxic. It’s perfect for any play areas with muddy areas that are slippery and unsafe in wet weather.

  • Cost is a factor. I’m tempted to go for cheaper wood chippings.

    Yes, there is a marginal price differential for rubber chippings versus wood mulch. But wood mulch will need to to be replaced every year, whereas Terraflex rubber chippings will last several years. Factor in time and hassle, and Terraflex very soon becomes the more cost-effective option.

    What’s more, we can advise you on the best way to achieve the surface you want as cost effectively as possible, using the optimum blend of our products. To find out more, Contact us today.

  • How much Terraflex rubber chippings do I need?

    We recommend laying Terraflex to a depth of 75mm. This will give sufficient protection for a fall of up to about 1.5 metres. We also recommend that at least 100mm for sufficient protection for a fall of up to 3 metres or around busy areas, such as play equipment, to ensure sufficient depth is maintained.

    For specific details on installing Terraflex rubber chippings and to find out critical fall heights and volumes required for your play area, download our fact sheet here.

Critical Fall Height:

We recommend the following depths of chippings to help offer protection against falls from height:

50mm depth: up to 1 metre critical fall height = 20kg per m/2

75mm depth: 1.5 metres critical fall height = 30kg per m/2

100mm depth: 3 metres critical fall height = 40kg per m/2

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