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Rubber Chippings for Garden Mulch

Terraflex rubber mulch for gardens and landscaping

Make your garden grow better

Terraflex rubber chippings are the ideal mulch for flower beds, borders and paths because rubber is attractive, inert and long lasting. This means that unlike wood-based mulches, Terraflex rubber chippings won’t break down or decompose. Instead they retain their colour and keep on doing the job of suppressing weeds and enhancing your flower beds for many years, with only minimal maintenance. You can even remove dead leaves and other garden debris with a hand-held blower without dislodging the chippings.

What’s the recipe for Terraflex rubber chippings?

  • Take around 150,000 high quality recycled car tyres.
  • Shred carefully to evenly-sized pieces at our UK processing plant.  
  • Sieve, sort and magnetise every piece to remove unwanted wire and fabric.
  • Mix thoroughly with one of our non-toxic colouring agents – brown, blue, green, purple, slate and terracotta.
  • Bake at a moderate heat for approximately 20 minutes.

The result is an attractive, long-lasting garden mulch that will suppress weeds and protect your plants for years to come.

More good reasons to choose Terraflex rubber chips

Terraflex rubber chipping garden mulch is your best choice on all grounds - performance, value and aesthetics. Here’s why:

  • Permeable - rain passes through unimpeded, so more water reaches plant roots
  • Moisture retention – it blocks evaporation and inhibits the drying out of soil
  • Stable soil temperature – not too hot in summer, not too cold in winter, ideal for plants
  • Great value - competitively priced and long-lasting, saving you time, effort and money
  • Visually pleasing - retains its attractive colour and aesthetic appeal year after year
  • Weatherproof - withstands extreme conditions, including high wind and storms.
  • Pest deterrent - termites, snails, slugs, insects and bugs avoid Terraflex, which means better protection for flowers and plants
  • Discourages pet deposits - cats and dogs give Terraflex rubber chippings a wide berth!
  • Versatile – use on flower beds, paths & borders or as a topping for pots and containers
Main constituent: Recycled car tyres
Origin: UK
Nominal Particle size: 10mm - 30mm Approx
Wood Content: N/A
Dust and Fines: N/A
Quality Range: Domestic and Contract
Critical Fall Height: N/A
Purity: Pure
Moisture content: N/A
Bulk density: 420kg per cubic metre
Fire Testing: N/A
Colours: Brown, Blue, Green, Purple, Slate, Terracotta

To dress garden borders, pathways and flowerbeds.

Installing Terraflex rubber chippings is as easy as installing a traditional mulch but with the added benefits that come from using a recycled material that is shock absorbent, long lasting and resistant to weeds and wind.

1. If installing Terraflex on top of an existing wooden mulch, remove any excess mulch and large pieces from your beds and rake it out to provide a level surface.

2. If laying onto bare beds, apply a pre-emergent weed killer to kill the seeds before installing Terraflex rubber chippings. This is especially important if your beds have been bare for a while or there have been a lot of weeds prior to your project. Rake over to provide a level surface.

3. Lay landscaping fabric to go underneath Terraflex. This step is optional but doing so will inhibit weed growth and help to keep the rubber chippings clean.

4. We recommend that Terraflex is spread evenly to cover the membrane. This will ensure that airborne weed seed is caught in the dry rubber mulch and dehydrates. You can expect a substantial reduction in weed growth.

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  • What kind of base does Terraflex require?

    Terraflex rubber chippings can be placed on standard soil with normal drainage, usually to a depth of around 75mm. For best results you may wish to lay a membrane but apart from this no other preparation is required.

    For more information on Terraflex Rubber chippings for your garden, download our technical sheet here.

  • Are rubber chippings flammable?

    Terraflex rubber chippings are extremely difficult to ignite on their own.

  • Doesn’t rubber mulch get very hot in the summer?

    Because Terraflex is a loose fill material, air is able to circulate through and this helps to reduce the surface temperature.  These same qualities mean that Terraflex insulates soil and plant roots during the winter months, protecting both from freezing.

  • Doesn’t it look just like wood-based mulch?

    Terraflex is available in a wide range of colours, including brown, blue, green, purple, slate and terracotta so you can be as bold or as subtle with your colour scheme as you wish. What is more, the colours are non-toxic and extremely durable, retaining their good looks for many years.

  • The wood mulch in my beds gets very wet and mushy after rain and over winter. Does Terraflex do this too?

    No, being rubber, Terraflex does not absorb moisture. Instead it impedes heavy rainfall and allows a more moderate flow of water into the soil.

  • My wood mulch tends to get blown about. Does Terraflex do this too?

    No, Terraflex is remarkably stable and wind resistant. It can withstand very stormy conditions without moving.

  • Do I have to make my own collection arrangements?

    No, we’ll have your order delivered to anywhere in Great Britain, Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland.