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Terraflex rubber chippings for equestrian arenas and manèges

There’s a lot riding on the surface you choose

There are no short cuts when it comes to correct horse training, so none should be taken when choosing the best surface for your equestrian arena or manège. Our specially developed Terraflex equestrian surfaces are completely dust free and provide the perfect balance between surface elasticity and stability. So your horses can enjoy a consistent, safe footing, with both vertical and horizontal support. This allows maximum performance with minimal stress to spine, tendons and joints – even under the heavy strains caused by rapid movement.

Terraflex rubber chippings not only provide exceptional cushioning qualities, they also act as an insulating layer, preventing the surface from drying out in summer or freezing in winter. And it doesn’t track or compact down like silica sand, which means it is incredibly durable, very easy to maintain and will last for years.

What’s the recipe for Terraflex equestrian chippings?

  • Take around 150,000 high quality recycled truck tyres.
  • Shred carefully to evenly-sized pieces at our UK processing plant. 
  • Sieve, sort and magnetise every single piece to remove unwanted wire and fabric.

The result is an economical and versatile synthetic surface for arenas and manèges, manufactured to strictly controlled quality standards, offering enhanced levels of grip, stability, impact absorbance and safety.

More good reasons to choose a Terraflex equestrian surface:

Terraflex equestrian surface is your best choice on all grounds - performance, value and safety.

  • Dust free: rubber chippings are inert, non toxic and highly stable
  • Superb elasticity: Terraflex is kind to horses’ legs
  • World-class riding surface: excellent support, enhanced grip, no dust and great drainage
  • Stable surface: reduced tendency to form ruts and tracking.
  • Easy maintenance: only minimal raking and re-levelling is required
  • Versatile: dust free and stable, ideal for both indoor and outdoor arenas
  • Long lasting and inert: does not break down or degrade, lasts for many years
  • Consistently safe: will not compress, even under high usage or extreme temperatures
  • Highly absorbent surface: reduced risk of injury to riders in a fall
  • Resists frost: allows year-round use
  • Virtually weatherproof: withstands extreme weather, including wind, storms and frost
Main constituent: Rubber and fibre derived from recycled car and truck tyres
Origin: UK
Nominal Particle size: 5mm - 20mm Approx
Wood Content: NA
Dust and Fines: Minimal
Quality Range: High
Critical Fall Height: N/A
Purity: 100% recycled rubber tyre chippings
Moisture content: Circa 20%
Bulk density: 417kg per cubic metre
Fire Testing: N/A
Colour: Black

To dress equestrian arenas and manèges

Terraflex equestrian chippings provide an all-in-one surface designed for all weather use. It can be put on top of existing silica sand surfaces or installed as a new surface on its own. Terraflex does not require extensive groundwork drainage and membrane installations (although a membrane is preferable), instead it can be laid directly onto a drainage or stone layer, offering considerable cost savings in terms of materials and labour.

Notice: This product is only available in bulk loads at £75+vat per tonne and is not available to purchase on-line.

This product is only available for purchase on-site during collection please contact us for further details.

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  • How do I install Terraflex in my arena?

    We will bulk deliver your rubber chippings. All you need to do is to spread it across the existing silica sand surface and the harrow/rake it into place. You’ll find more information here.

  • Do the chippings require much maintenance?

    No, once they are laid, very little maintenance is needed, apart from a small amount of annual replenishment. The rubber will not decompose, compress or blow away.

  • Aren’t rubber chippings flammable?

    Terraflex rubber chippings are extremely difficult to ignite on their own.

  • Do I have to make my own collection arrangements?

    You can collect your order in person if you wish or we’ll be happy to provide a cost to deliver your order straight to you, anywhere in Great Britain, Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland.