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What’s bad for weeds, safe for kids & kind to horses’ legs?

There’s only one answer - Terraflex rubber chippings - and you’ll find them flowerbeds, children’s play grounds and equestrian manèges up and down the country.

We’ve been involved in tyre recycling for many years and one of the reasons Terraflex high quality rubber chippings are so popular is the care and attention we put into producing them. Every Terraflex rubber chip comes from our own purpose-built shredding and refining plant. This means they emerge in a consistent size range (10-30mm), evenly coloured (where appropriate) and wire free.  And of course we take extra special care with our children’s play surfaces. Terraflex meets ROSPA’s demanding safety standards and provides safe, bouncy surfaces under swings, slides and climbing frames. In fact, my grandchildren play on Terraflex and I wouldn’t trust their safety to an inferior product.

Versatile and robust

There’s so much you can do with Terraflex rubber chippings. Our play surface range is ideal for public areas such as play parks nurseries and it’s equally at home in a domestic play area.

Gardeners love our rubber mulch because it looks good, is easy to manage, retains soil temperature & moisture, repels pests and really suppresses weeds. The fact that it lasts for years is an added bonus.

Then there’s our superb equestrian range, the ideal surface for your arena or manège. Dust free, frost resistant and with exceptional cushioning qualities, Terraflex equestrian chippings have been proven to far outclass traditional silica sand surfaces in terms of longevity and value.

Try Terraflex and see for yourself.

Great value solutions

This website has guides to help you work out the amount of Terraflex required for your application, and clear information on how to apply it. But we’re only a phone call away and we’re always glad to help in any way. What’s more, we can even show you how to combine different Terraflex products to achieve the surface you need….and save money in the process!

What’s more, we’ll deliver it throughout t Great Britain, Northern Ireland or Republic of Ireland.

Interested in finding out more?

Call us today on 028 2582 2066, or email sales@terraflex.co.uk. We’d love to hear from you.

Thank you for your interest in Terraflex.

Peter O’Kane

Managing Director